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White could be a paper, 

a place, and a possibility.

Come and go, back and forth,

my soul swing in the air.


In 1920s Shanghai,

a low-key, luxurious, rich cultural and arts style

emerged from the bones of the city.

There are so many fishes

and you are one of them


She stepped into sunlight

Hair a caramel river


While the rest of the world is asleep

I stay awake to feel alive

I’m somewhere in between...

A weird setting was shown in a house —

a pond in a living room.

It has a rich texture of oriental elements

like the lantern, ink painting,

and eastern dance posture.

Lurk like a shadow...

waiting for the perfect time to escape

Our moment came and went so quickly

like a shooting star

you almost didn't see.

It seems to remind the viewers about

an ignored existence of a thing yet

it would never be gone.

The photo doesn't only shows a 2D world

but also a lively thinking.

See sounds and

hear colours

We flashback to a pivotal, defining moment in someone's life.

Only that when I look into his eyes

I see a reflection of my soul

staring back at me.​

Like a breath of fresh air

reinvigorates unconquerable souls

touching in the conscious moment ---

a gentle passing breeze arousing a rogue gust

U.  S U P P O R T

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