About Untamind Art Studio


What do you think about the word Untamind?

Untamind is a creative and artistic design studio. We create graphic designs and brand images for different art groups, schools, and companies and also to rewrite the visual aesthetic in our lives. 


Where does Untamind word come from?

When we were brainstorming about the idea of the name, we focused on our core value and that is keeping our wild creativity and also use our mind to make those ideas come true. That's why we call our studio as "Untamind", it's a blended word from "untamed" and "mind", which is also our belief.

WOW! Design For You & Me

We are a team of designers and artists who created a tasteful, profound, and evocative visual forms based on their method, experience, and research to convey the content of event, brand, and project. We love to learn from our customers and also share our ideas. We want to give delight to our customers and also please ourselves. Every work is our painstaking craft. 

Creativity In Our Blood

Think whatever you think, consider whatever you need and result in whatever you expect. Here in Untamind, we also do experimental photography that conveys the spirit of creativity. Do something to prove that civilization is a real entity. Our outlooks decide how we interpret the world. We cannot be omniscient that is why we discover it in our minds. An inherent existence is always in our works. 

Let's Design!

Visual communication, graphic design, performing arts, and experimental photography are the field that Untamind Studio operates. We have done a lot of creations for numerous brands and groups: 



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