P  L  A  Y     V  I  S  U  A  L

  conception & visual design/ S.Syuan (LIN Yi-Syuan).   photographer/ R.LIN.   dancer/LIN Yi-Syuan.

Introspective Photography Project - Forgotten


"Forgotten" photo series was created by Untamind Studio. It's an experimental photo of a dynamic posture and a static past in ruin. Their scenes were from the corridor to the bathroom of an aged building which was built by the Japanese government at the time when Taiwan was a colony of them.


In these monochrome photographs, Untamind purpose was to target the color element fully which left a single hue ---- verdancy green. It is a tone full of vitality. They tried to contrast the things that were already in the dust to the ongoing life.


PLAY VISUAL - Forgotten  I


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